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Hard Chrome — creates a long wear surface valuable in many machinery and mating-surface applications. The hard chrome plating process may be used on both new parts and for the restoration of parts by re-plating worn or damaged surfaces.

Zinc — creates a soft, ductile, decorative, corrosion-resistant finish. Parts plated with zinc last longer because of the corrosion protection provided. Zinc plating, unlike other processes, protects the base metal because zinc corrodes first. Chromates are applied over the zinc and become part of the coating. Hard Chrome, Inc. has two zinc lines with the capability of handling large job’s and providing customers with excellent turnaround time. With chromate finishes of clear, yellow or black..

Nickel and Nickel-Chrome - is a decorative electrolytic process. Hard Chrome, Inc. has expanded its facilities for this process several times creating greater capacity and offering the customer faster turnaround times.

Electroless Nickel uses a chemical plating process that produces an even distribution of nickel over all surfaces of the part including deep recesses, holes and insides of pipes. Furthermore, electroless nickel will cover a part in the exact form as the original piece making it the perfect process for tight-fitting or exact-tolerance parts. Electroless nickel is a very hard coating.

Passivation — removes free iron from the surface of stainless steel. The result is a stainless steel corrosion protection without plating. Passivation offers a clean surface and eliminates iron contamination and rust discoloration. The surface is ready for priming and painting if necessary.

Chromate Conversion — is an economical process that offers properties to extend the service life of parts. It improves performances characteristics, aids in delay of corrosion and minimizes oxidation of plated steel and aluminum parts.