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Chromate Conversion

Chromate Conversion Coating for Aluminum

Aluminum – Why chromate?

The chromating of aluminum parts is achieved through a chemical reaction occurring at the metals base surface. A complex aluminum oxide film with chromate's or dichromate's bound within. Chromate conversions create an improved appearance with an increased corrosion resistance. It's corrosion safeguard is due to the chromate's entrapped in the film created by the process.

Chromate Conversion Benefits:

  • Prolongs shelf life
  • Provides stain and fingerprinting protection
  • Excellent base for painting
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Minimal effects on tight tolerance dimensions
  • A degree of abrasion tolerance
  • Salt spray success ration of hours minimum
  • Effective on a wide range of part sizes and designs
  • Low cost finished costs

Our chromate line was installed in 2009 with the latest equipment. With 8' long tanks we can provide finishes to everything from the smallest to those seven and half foot long. Customers will not only discover a high degree of quality but its production capability provides the most competitive of pricing.